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You—Yes, You—Can Change Modern Law Enforcement

Last year I posted a blog entitled, “You—Yes, YOU—Should Run For Office” in which I communicated not only a message intending to persuade the reader to consider getting involved at some level of politics as a candidate (specifically saying: you—yes, you—should run) but also communicated my general tenor for why I am running for office. You can read the blog, but I will give you the general idea: I am running for Illinois Congressional 11 because I am dissatisfied with the way the current congressman, Bill Foster, represents me.

Believe it or not, I have been encouraged to say unkind things about Congressman Foster during my campaign. This would be an impractical and foolish move; I have not met the Congressman and do not see the merit of saying unkind things about him. While he and I disagree on a number of issues, I feel like spending time saying unkind things about him takes us off point: my campaign message is that I believe I could be represented differently, that is to say “better,” than I am currently being represented. I am setting out to do just that.

Similar to my displeasure with my current representation, we note all around the country people have expressed displeasure with the way police have behaved, served, and accorded themselves. And similar to my approach to resolving my displeasure with my congressional representation, I have good news: a law enforcement agency close to you is accepting applications. I encourage you to submit an application, take the test, and show us how this profession is properly done.

I do not write this as a cavalier response to the troubles in modern day policing. I write this because people are dissatisfied. Different resolutions will be explored to effect change, but none will yield a more satisfactory response to you than you—yes, you, signing up to do the job yourself. I do not even write this to be dismissive; I am happy to hear the proposed changes to the practice of law enforcement. But I assure you no outcome will be more pleasing than you (yes, you) suiting up.

There are some who will respond that they should not have to join this discipline in order for it to change. I do not think I should have to run for office for things to change, and yet here I am.

All I am suggesting is an undeniable difference-making agent: you.

Rick Laib is the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District in Illinois. He can be reached at

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