• Rick Laib

Should We Ban Car Driving In Illinois To Save Lives?

In Illinois, on average, about 1000 people die each year in vehicle car crashes. Might make things tough and might put people out of work, but should Governor Pritzker outlaw vehicle travel in Illinois? After all, it would “save lives.”

If not, why not?

In response to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, Governor Pritzker has asked that Illinoisans endure strict lockdowns, distance physically, and wear face coverings in public so that we may “save lives.” He justifies his most recent round of executive orders that following them we will “save lives,” and the dominant rationale behind the steps of his re-open Illinois plan is that we might “save lives.” My only question is this: When did Governor Pritzker become so decidedly pro-life?

For the record I was not, nor am now not, critical of the executive lockdown orders he issued in March, and you should not be either. To effectively move past a potential quagmire of opinions when immediate action needs to be taken is just one scenario of precisely why we have the levels of government we do. Can you imagine trying to get a senate consensus to go to war when swift action needs to be taken? The Coronavirus presence escalated very quickly, information was unfolding rapidly, and he took immediate action. Fine.

But that was two months ago.

I accepted the initial lockdown orders. But keeping a state on lockdown solely to “save lives” is not only insufficient in its reasoning, it is unconstitutional. It is as unpersuasive and unconstitutional as outlawing all vehicle travel to achieve the same objective. The purpose of government is to provide for freedom and restrain evil, not to save lives. If government’s sole purpose were to save lives, we should take no issue with banning cars. Should the Governor truly wish to save lives, I encourage him to redirect his energy to areas of legislation on which he has a legitimately constitutional impact (see: marijuana sales* or abortion legislation**). Until then, he would do well to return to his lane and immediately reduce the economy-bankrupting, government-growing, inconsistently advanced restrictions he has harmfully imposed.

*That is correct, friends: Marijuana weakens the respiratory system making you more susceptible to being a COVID-19 death statistic.

**That is correct, friends: Abortion will claim more lives than COVID-19 will.

Rick Laib is the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District in Illinois. He can be reached at

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