• Rick Laib

Don't Believe It

Don't believe it.  If you've heard it, don't believe it.

There are some who may say I never use my hands when I talk.  I do not always use my hands, but do not believe it when they say I "never" use my hands.  

Doubtful? The Chicago Sun-Times recently released questionnaires completed by candidates who are running for Congressional seats. Just look at this picture of me that they published that accompanied my questionnaire:

There it is: talking and eloquent hand waving.

Now that that is cleared up, let us return to that already know about my hand-waving, what else should you learn about me? You can get a good (ahem) grip on where I stand on many issues by checking out the Sun-Times link.

Meet Rick Laib, 11th Congressional District Republican primary candidate

Rick Laib is a Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District in Illinois. He can be reached at

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