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Are Pro-Lifers Out Of Step?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I recently participated in a candidate interview with Alex Ortiz of Shaw Media (you can watch the full interview with Alex here). We talked about a variety of different topics commonly discussed by congressional candidates, so it did not surprise me when the issue of abortion came up. What did surprise me was the way the topic was framed.

Alex and I have spoken in the past and he is familiar with my views, so he led into the discussion simply be confirming that I’m staunchly anti-abortion, to which I confirmed that I am very pro-life. Then he said the following:

Okay, I’m looking at your view in the context of the modern day we’re in; I think it’s pretty conclusive

that at least half if not a majority of Americans simply just don’t agree with that point. I don’t

know what the specifics are for the district or for Will County, but I imagine you’re probably out of

step with a lot of voters.

I know of no research that would suggest that at least half of all Americans disagree with my pro-life view. Alex cited surveys that suggested anywhere between 50-60% of the people surveyed believed that abortion should be legal without restriction. I do not question Alex, but I do question the surveys. Who was being questioned and what questions were being asked on these surveys?

I do not suppose we are required to question who makes up the majority on these polls. For almost 250 years the in-step crowd believed there was nothing wrong with slavery; does being “in step” make a position right? And who, it might be worth asking, are we actually “out of step” with? Doctors know life begins before birth. Mothers know it. Even children know it. Society knows it. The courts know it. The pro-choice advocates know it. Who am I “out of step” with?

We must protect the sanctity of human life. We can get all of the other issues right, but it will mean nothing if we get this issue wrong.

Rick Laib is the Republican candidate for the 11th Congressional District in Illinois. He can be reached at

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